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I'm IN LOVE with Constant Evolution. 🌱

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

When I was asked, "When did you first fall in love with constant evolution?", I knew that my efforts had become evident.

Before answering, I smiled with pleasure. It was from a place of gratitude. It was the fact that I'd been consistently in pursuit of something for years, and although I knew what I'd been aiming for, the reality of it had transitioned from being mine to others'.

Most of you have heard what initially placed me on this journey, but for those who have not, I'll keep it brief.

A friendship breakup got me here, but what kept me here was a hunger for more. A desire for better.

Not more or better for anyone else, but strictly for me. Now, strangely enough, instead of passing off the friendship breakup as solely their problem, I leaned in. I revisited the feedback that had been given to me, which then sparked wonder.

I highlight those words because it was a childlike moment, where I became interested in "what someone else thought of me" in such a different way than I've ever experienced. I picked up my journal, and began to write.

That was in February of 2016. Well, that's when the incident happened, and thereafter I began to intentionally place focus on my personal growth. One could say that 2016 was when I fell in love with constant evolution: from hearing that story or getting to meet me at this season of my life. I'd have to say though, personal growth and development have always been focal targets of mine. This incident really is where the momentum was initiated though, as it was the first time I'd ever experienced anything like this in my adult life, and with someone I cherished.

Believe it or not, growing with intention has come with a roller coaster of emotions.

  • Heartbreak.

  • Reality checks.

  • Learning to let go.

  • Embarrassment.

  • Disappointment.

  • Self-Appreciation.

  • Identifying Core Values.

  • Establishing new rules by which you live.

...and that's just to name a few!

Although my growth involved me exploring some uncomfortable truths, the juice was well worth the squeeze!

In this space I want you all to experience the same outcome. I want you value the hard, the challenging, the not so great seasons of your lives. This is where growth really begins to happen.

I want to show and walk with you on how to do that. This is your year, sis!

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Looking forward to Growing With You, on the other side!

-Dr. A

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