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Dr. ArNelle Wright


 Certified Transformation & Personal Growth Coach, General Dentist, Speaker, & Mentor  

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I AM ArNelle!

Wife. Mom. Sister. Friend.

ArNelle Wright, DMD, MS is the wife of Claude, Jr., a mother of two, and a General Dentist by trade. She is best known socially as The Daily Dentist, where she serves, teaches, and inspires Pre-Dental students, current dental students, and practicing Dentists. She excels in her role as a Clinician, and is passionate about her work as both a Mentor Doctor and an educator in the Personal Growth & Professional Leadership space.


Dr. A is a first generation college student, who, from childhood “simply wanted to change her family tree” through postsecondary education. Upon entry into The University of Florida, becoming a Doctor was the furthest thing from her mind. However, she began to explore Dentistry as a career and committed to its pursuit during her junior year. Dr. A has managed to clear seemingly insurmountable hurdles, including multiple denials from Dental Schools throughout the U.S., challenges with standardized testing, and a purported learning disability. Despite the obstacles, Dr. A persevered with intention. She leaned into her purpose and dreams, and surpassed all expectations she had for herself, and those expressed by her family. 


I am the first Dentist in my family, and it is my goal to help other minority females enter into the field as strong candidates. 

Being & Becoming Your Best is the program through which all of my instruction, coaching, and mentorship sessions begin. 


Whenever I have the chance and the weather is right, you can find me consuming R & R on one of Florida's beautiful beaches.

I absolutely love traveling, both domestically and abroad. But more than anything, I love experiencing life in the presence of my sweet family.

Aside for being intentional about my personal growth, it gives me great joy to see other women succeed in theirs. 

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Meet Dr. ArNelle Wright

In 2017, Dr. A was awarded her third degree from the University of Florida, College of Dentistry (UFCD), and she has continued to display her leadership amongst her dental colleagues. In her spare time she serves her community through consistent education from both a personal and professional aspect. She is deeply involved in organized dentistry on the local, state, and national levels. Finally, Dr. A is the creator and founder of the Doctors for Future Doctors Program, where she helps prepare students for Dental School Admissions through a group mentorship framework.

transformation coach



If her commitment to serving the Dental community wasn’t enough, Dr. A also has a shared love for teaching women the importance of, and how to grow with intention in their lives, as leaders, and within their interpersonal relationships. She is a certified Personal Growth Coach and through this work she has helped women experience intentional growth through the principles of her BBYB™ Program. Giving all credit to God, Dr. A leads, loves, and relates from a foundation of Faith and a commitment to constant spiritual, personal, and professional growth.

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Rooted in love...

ArNelle and Claude have been together for nearly 12 years, and married for 6. They have two beautiful children, Claude “Trey”, and Clayton Mikel. Dr. A has shared multiple times how both marriage and motherhood has left an indelible mark on her life. Aside from growing in Christ through every step of her journey, Dr. A values growing with her family more than anything.


Book Dr. ArNelle as a Keynote, Session Host, Moderator or Panelist

When you work with Dr. ArNelle Wright, you'll get:

A powerful presentation that will reinforce the importance of Being & Becoming Your Best, transformation and the power manifestation. 

Dr. A's speaks has been requested to speak about: 

​"This is NOT an exhaustive list of topics*

  • The Daily Dentist

  • Leadership in Dentistry

  • C.R.E.A.T.E. the Culture

  • Mentorship Matters

  • Being & Becoming Your Best

  • The Impact of Personal Growth on Professional Leadership

  • Your Best Awaits

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