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Dare to Be Different - My Experience With Shame

Whether you "know" me personally or not, you can easily gather that there's something different going on over here. At the time that you're reading this post, I say it gladly. But that wasn't always the case, until recently.

In this blog post I'm going to share all about my journey as an entrepreneur, why I've been ashamed of it, and how I recently turned it around.

It was May 2016 that I launched my first blog over at At that time I was just writing to share frequently with the people who were interested, like family and friends. I also wanted to remember all that I'd faced (and was facing) in dental school at that time. Well it turns out that this was the beginning of me building my dental/personal brand. Fast forward to, today: branding is the MOVE!

At every turn socially you see someone promoting SOMETHING...even if its positivity, personal growth, community, dish soap, skincare, hair products.

We're all promoting something, and we're all interested in some or all of the things being promoted online. Affiliate marketing, social media partnershps, and collaborations has now entered the chat.

Whenever I"d used to hear the previously mentioned terms, I felt icky. It was almost like I'd turn my nose up on the inside as if I could never. Well times definitely have changed, and I can thank personal growth, mentors, friends in the industry...all of which contributed to a mindset shift.

I am approached quite often by brands related to the dental industry and those that are very separate from dentistry. I used to hate it, not because I was unimpressed by the fact that they'd reached out to little old me, but instead because I was ashamed of my quest for MORE. Now, if you're anything like me this line of thinking may be familiar, if not...just keep promoting whatever you're promoting and we can talk another time.

Wanting more than others have experienced at this stage of their careers was embarrasing to me. I almost tried to hide concerning the discovery of more pathways to a secure future than what I'd learned up to this point. However, my perspective has evolved completely.

Every time I see my family I'm reminded that the more doesn't have to be tangible, and as it relates to my children being able to have and do more gives them a different future. For that I'm willing to take an experience all that comes with this additional path.

If you've began following the social media trends and you've witnessed an increase in online expertise, increasing digital content creation, and/or brands associating with other people's audiences and you want a piece of the pie, GET AFTER IT.

This industry is only growing and although it seems sexily oversaturated, there's only one you. No one can teach the way you can. No one can speak with the passion, examples, and knowledge like you. No one can inspire like you. The point I aim to make is that whatever you are dreaming of should no longer be a thought in your head.

Instead, I want you to join me in a challenge that no one has to know about, except you. Here it is: I want you to boldly post what you're promoting and what you're passionate about. For me that's leadership, growing as confident clinicians, mentorship, and healthy work culture for example. Whatever's your thing, I want you to promote it. Step out of your box, out of your head, forget what people may think because you can't change it anyway...and get after it.

Time is only moving forwad, and the only way you're going to achieve anything is by DOING IT. I love sharing my gems with you all, so if you want more of this make sure you're subscribed to the newsletter.

I'll be back in your inboxes next week!


Dr. ArNelle

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