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Embracing (and developing) my greatest strength.

Last night I had two wild dreams back to back. I woke up in a panic, grateful that they were JUST dreams. I paused, and then I had an epiphany shortly after.

For the past however many years I've longed to be the most resilient woman known to dentistry. And that I am, just my opinion. But for those who know me and all of my story, they'd probably agree.

The epiphany I'm still unpacking however, made me realize that at this juncture in my life and career, resilience is now in second place.

Don't get me wrong, resilience is a characteristic necessary for dreamers, visionaries, leaders, entrepreneurs, and anyone with an image in their minds to foster positive change in the world. However, above the necessity of resilience is a life full of COURAGE.

John D. Rockefeller once said, "Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great."

Lately, I've been seeking something greater, but I wasn't sure what it was. Until I had this epiphany. What I've been wanting is to step into my power, with confidence, boldness...ultimately to be great.

All of which requires COURAGE. In words, but mostly in actions.

Here's the thing, you may be thinking that I'm super courageous already, considering all that I've overcome and even achieved in a short period of time. And to an extent I'd agree with you. But more times than not when I reflect on my successes, I realize how much more I could have accomplished, how I could be further along, and how I could really be leading the life I've been DREAMING about.

What's been in my way? Me and only me. It's evident that when knocked down, I'll get back up. But once I'm up [here lately] I've just been standing STILL.

I want to share these thoughts with you 1) to hold myself accountable for a near future of going balls to walls with BBYB and all that I've been called to produce in the world, and 2) to encourage you to look within to see if you too have been standing in your own way.

So here's to me putting courage into practice 🥂 : If you're new to BBYB, welcome! You may be wondering what the heck I've created THIS TIME.

I heard you loud and clear. Here's the short version: BBYB is short for Being & Becoming Your Best, which is a personal growth and development community where I use my story and a carefully crafted framework to teach and coach ready-women to grow intentionally. I deeply value constant evolution, and over the years I've witnessed just how it has been advantageous and a major contribution to my success.

With this in mind I'm excited to let you see. For you to witness this and experience it with me.

If you're a ready-woman and you're value elevation, you're in the (W)right place. Welcome to BBYB and thanks for being here! 🪴



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